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02 June 2015
Duty free allowances Print
23 June 2011

All travellers to Transdniestria are allowed to bring in the following goods duty-free. These goods must be for personal use.


5 liters of beer

5 liters of wine

2 liters of spirits



200 cigarettes,
or cigarillos,
or their substitutes



5 precious metal articles








Fuel carried in the standard tank of a vehicle crossing the border








10 kilograms of meat or meat products including cooked meats

2 kilograms of milk or milk products

5 kilograms of vegetable oil

10 kilograms of sugar

100 kilograms of fruits

100 kilograms of vegetables

Other goods

Goods for personal use the total value of which does not exceed USD 100.


In addition the following goods are considered to be travellers' personal effects and are allowed duty-free:

  • personal jewellery;
  • still and motion picture cameras together with a reasonable supply of films, tapes and accessories therefor;
  • portable slide or film projectors and accessories therefor together with a reasonable quantity of slides or films;
  • binoculars;
  • portable musical instruments;
  • portable sound reproduction devices including tape recorders, compact disc players and dictating machines with tapes, records and discs;
  • portable radio receivers;
  • cellular or mobile telephones;
  • portable television sets;
  • portable typewriters;
  • portable personal computers and accessories;
  • portable calculators;
  • baby carriages and strollers;
  • wheelchairs for invalids;
  • sporting equipment.
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